Euro Logistics Summer 2021

The Gerald Eve International Alliance has collaborated to produce the second edition of this publication, which offers insight into the key logistics locations across Europe. Our Alliance Members have provided small, medium and big box rents, along with prime yields and values to offer easy comparison between and within jurisdictions.

In this edition, we have introduced ESG focused research to understand how and where the logistics industry is responding to investor and occupier demands. We will track this over time, to understand the rate of change across Europe and the nuances between local markets.

We appreciate that your requirements do not stop at borders. Our Alliance provides you with independent, expert advice, for all property types throughout Europe, North America, Canada and beyond. Our close working relationship grants you the flexibility to choose between having a single point of contact, or direct communication with each jurisdiction.

We hope you find this report both useful and interesting. Our professional network of independent real estate advisors is well placed to assist you with your pan-European industrial and logistics demands.

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