Rent Reviews

Most long-term leases include a provision for the rent to be reviewed, typically every 5 years. Rent Reviews can be a complex process and while in theory, the rent should be determined by referencing relevant comparable evidence, it tends to get complicated by other technical elements such as:

  • Provision and wording withing the Lease & Rent Review Clause 
  • Age & condition of the property/space being reviewed 
  • Market Conditions
  • Case Law

It is therefore essential to have independent professional advice from experienced Rent Review specialists. 

At MM, we are well known for our expertise in the Office & Industrial Markets. Because we are active in both asset classes on a daily basis, we have a unique advantage when it comes to dealing with other typical Rent Review Surveyors (who are not involved in letting or acquiring space).

This is particularly helpful if Reviews cannot be settled via negotiations and must be referred to Third Party Determination (Arbitration/Independent Expert). 

We are thorough, we are specialists, and we are determined to achieve the best outcome for our clients. This is evident from their testimonials.