Tenant Rep

Tenant Representation (Rep) Service

Over the past 25 years, our Tenant Representation Service have helped lots of companies with their business or logistical space requirements throughout Ireland. It’s what we do best. Finding the right space can be challenging, typically a 6 – 9-month journey from initial meeting to “bums on seats”. 

The amount of input that is required can also be substantial, from initial premises decision, budgets, legal meetings on lease documentation and fit-out considerations. It can prove stressful, particularly for those who are not experienced with a re-location project.

That is where our Tenant Representation Service can help. We believe that business owners/ management are better served focusing on their own company growth rather than worrying about the process of moving premises.

By availing of our Tenant Repepresentation Service, we alleviate the challenges associated with sourcing and re-locating to a new premises. Murphy Mulhall also provides help with legal and fit-out discussions along the way. We’re like a “One Stop Shop” when it comes to moving your office/business.

Our USP at Murphy Mulhall is that we very much care about the outcome of the project for our clients. We always strive to secure the best possible outcome for them.

This outcome also needs to be properly reflected in the legal documentation. For this reason, and unlike some or our competitors, we stay involved during the legal phase of transactions right up to the signing of the lease by both parties. 

Moving premises should be exciting. Our promise is to facilitate a seamless transaction to allow you to focus on your day job.