NextGen – Gen Z in Commercial Real Estate

NextGen – The Gen Z of commercial real estate work differently/play differently than their old “Dinosaur” generation counterparts. Some great insights last week at the SIOR Europe mini-conference event in London. James Mulhall and Tyler Smith co-hosted a lively panel discussion. The 5 x key take-aways from the Gen Z participants were;

1. Less chit-chat please (the weather/your weekend/your kids)- just tell us what you want done and when you need it by.
2. They are ambitious and want to succeed – they just want to get there quicker than “normal”.
3. A hard but fair manager is preferred to a soft procrastinator.
4. Cost of Living and Rents in particular are a potential deterrent to working in Capital Cities (London/Dublin mentioned).
5. Client/Peer Group networking would be easier with company assistance (less red tape with the expenses claims/Graduate networking budget allowance).

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