The Irish Commercial Property Market: A Bright Horizon Amidst Apprehension

Despite the apprehension currently shadowing the Irish Commercial property market, numerous players are actively acquiring assets, signalling a bright horizon in the midst of uncertainty.

Murphy Mulhall Appoints Brian Gaffney as Director

Brian Gaffney, Director at Murphy Mulhall

Brian Gaffney, Director at Murphy Mulhall, sheds light on the current landscape and the firm’s approach to navigating it. “Despite some current apprehension from purchasers in the Irish Commercial property market, we have been actively recently acquiring assets on behalf of our retained clients,” Gaffney shares.


The market, particularly in the €1m – €5m bracket, appears to be brimming with potential. “The €1m – €5m market is stacked with ample cash purchasers, and finding the right property, yield, and pricing level remains key,” Gaffney explains. “We have numerous private clients active in the space,” he adds.

murphy mulhall commercial property dublin2

No.5 Kilmacud Road/Allen Park Lane Stillorgan – Acquired

The types of properties in demand are diverse, including mixed-use, office, retail, and industrial properties. The main geographical focus is Dublin and its environs, reflecting the ongoing attractiveness of the capital and surrounding areas as investment destinations.


With this in mind, Murphy Mulhall is keen to hear from property owners or brokers who have suitable opportunities, whether on or off the market. “If there are any mixed-use, office, retail, or industrial properties available in Dublin and environs, please do not hesitate to get in contact with on and off-market opportunities,” Gaffney encourages. “Our clients are ready to go!”

murphy mulhall commercial property dublin

E20 South City Business Park, Tallaght – Acquired

This readiness to invest despite prevailing uncertainty sends a strong signal about the underlying resilience and potential of the Irish commercial property market.


This optimistic perspective is a timely reminder that, even in the most challenging circumstances, opportunities abound for those prepared to seek them out. As Murphy Mulhall’s activity illustrates, the Irish commercial property market continues to offer promising prospects for savvy investors.

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