Need Help on Rent Reviews?

We have over 40 years’ combined office market experience. We track lettings/take up on a quarterly basis so have access to the most relevant comparable evidence.


Our team who transact letting deals also handle our client’s Rent Reviews and we believe this gives us an advantage. This unique combination of experience (Office Lettings & Rent Reviews) benefits our clients and been referenced favorably by Arbitrators at Third Party Oral Hearings.


The rent review process is a combination of negotiation skills and having access to the most relevant comparable evidence. It is also about the state of the market at the time of the review.


Rent Reviews are not about what you ‘feel’ or ‘hope’ the rent should be, they are about what you can prove based on market evidence and the condition of the subject property.


For more information on the Rent Review process – have a look at our booklet below.


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